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Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Grooming

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Every man has those days when they realize their grooming is not working. As you walk past the glass window by the store, you see your own reflection and feel your faults. Unfortunately, it’s time for you to learn how to groom better. Your hair is not growing faster. Your not the young man you uses to be. The girlfriend tells you its ok. You feel better about it. But, friends at the bar say you look bad. Now, you shouldn’t care about the opinions of others. However, if your hair looks bad, there is really nothing you can argue about. Go back to the mirror and do something about it man. Buy the best men’s grooming kit while your at it. I have listed mistakes most men make in the mirror. View the mistakes and learn how to do better.

Covering Up Your Baldness

I hate to see men pretend their not bald. They take a piece of hair on the side and brush it over. Thinking that will keep them looking young in the public eye. Admirably, that does not make people think you look young. In truth, people see you as a idiot who thinks they shouldn’t cut their hair off. The baldness and the big patches on the top of head should tell you its time to cut your hair completely off. I am also talking about the sides too. Your not on some medieval cast where its ok. This is real life and you got to be happy with cutting your hair.

Hair is not suppose to look the same way forever. It’s quite normal to change up the hair style every so often. So, get a pair of electric hair clippers and shave that head with no guards. Don’t worry nobody with real man dignity would say something. The baldness is something you wear with pride and to look good for all events. Nobody really hates people who have bald heads. It’s just a little joke that comes and go.

On the other hand, if you find your self with a unbalanced edge line that looks bald, you should use the best men’s grooming kit to balance the hair line. Buy a set of hair clippers to add to the groom kit. Clippers are good for fixing mistakes the barber makes or you make when shaving with a razor. When doing, you need to take your time. Take your time trying to get your hairline in a square formation.

The square does not have to be perfect and the edges do not have to be extra sharp. Make sure it is balanced in a square formation and your good for the month. You will need to cut your hair at least once a month, so make sure you take care of those clippers. You won’t know what your doing right away. But, you will become better and develop better hairline edging skills as time passes. Remember, to take your time when edging your hair and use hair clippers. You could use a razor but its easy to mess it up.

Not Taking Care of Your Feet

Grooming kits have toenail cutters and try using them. Toenails need to be cut man. I am talking about 2 times a month. Especially, when you go to the beach to work on your tan. Those toe nails with sandals can look pretty messed up. Pull out those nail clippers and get the working on feet. Cut every nail too. Don’t be lazy and forget the pinky. Cut every toe to the upper. You know what I mean hopefully. Women will notice a change in your feet when they see you walking. That will be something you can use to your advantage.

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