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Beauty During Pregnancy

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When pregnant, the mother’s body will have a lot of changes to get ready for the journey to accompany her beloved 9 October 10 days. And these changes often unknowingly affect the beauty and make mothers feel inferior, stress about their beauty when pregnant.

Therefore, the problem should pregnant women should use skincare or pregnant should use a facial cleanser, skincare spa, or not is the problem that every pregnant mother is concerned, concern.

Moms can still use cosmetics when pregnant if they are safe and do not contain ingredients that are harmful to pregnant women and their unborn babies.

But the beauty needs of pregnant women are not only for skin care but also a lot of other issues, such as hair dye, hand and foot hair removal, nail polish,…

If you are looking to learn about beauty related issues during pregnancy, please read in the article below with us!

Beauty and the use of cosmetics during pregnancy are safe?

Hair dye during pregnancy is safe?

Currently, there is no definite answer to whether a pregnant woman can dye her hair or not. Some studies suggest that mothers using hair dye during pregnancy can affect the nervous system or some fetal tissue. However, many studies rebut this result.

So if you have accidentally dyed your hair but did not know you were pregnant, you should not worry too much, talk to your doctor about having dyed your hair before and closely monitor the development of your baby in the belly.

So can pregnant women dye their hair 8 months? If it is not necessary, the mother should not dye her hair during pregnancy, regardless of the stage because hair dye is full of chemicals anyway and she should not risk between beauty and the safety of her hair. children.

Even when a pregnant woman smells hair dye, she may feel uncomfortable, nauseous, have a headache, or be worse, faint, so it is best for her mother to avoid hair dye chemicals during pregnancy.

Should we use essential oils during pregnancy?

Essential oil is a concentrated liquid from plant extracts. The essential oil crystals are very small and can affect the placenta, fetus if the mother elected to inhale essential oils or use essential oils to bathe. Therefore, mothers should be careful in choosing and using essential oils during pregnancy.

Here is information on the effects of some of the most used essential oils that moms can refer to:

  • Pregnant women can not use menthol? Peppermint oil can help pregnant women reduce nausea, ease muscle aches, and relax. You can use peppermint oil, but remember to dilute it and not use it too often.
  • Can pregnant women use melaleuca oil to prevent and treat respiratory diseases as well as a massage when muscle aches? The answer is yes, but pregnant women should use only a moderate amount when necessary, not overuse of melaleuca oil too much.
  • Lemongrass oil is good for pregnant women? This type of essential oil works to deodorize, kill bacteria, repel mosquitoes, reduce stress, and is very popular, but pregnant women should not use because citronella oil can stimulate the mother’s womb to spasm, endanger the fetus.
  • Some of the other essential oils not used during pregnancy that mothers should note are rosemary oil, basil essential oil, cinnamon oil, …

Pregnant women should sunbathe and the need to know

Ultraviolet (UV) rays in the sun are considered to be the # 1 natural enemies of the skin because they can cause dark spots and blemishes to thrive, causing the skin to age faster and increase. skin cancer risk.

However, many women love tan skin and choose to sunbathe as a way to “dye their skin”, including pregnant women.

So a few months pregnant, then sun exposure safely? Experts recommend that pregnant women should not be exposed to sunlight during any pregnancy period because, during pregnancy, their skin will be more sensitive than usual, mothers can easily tan, burn, loose skin. water if staying in the sun for too long.

So the answer to the question of whether a pregnant mother should sunbathe does not exist. But that is only for the pregnant mother, but for the fetus, will the mother sunbathing affect the health and development of children?

The answer is yes, the possibility of UV rays affecting the fetus is huge because some studies have shown that folic acid in the mother’s body can be broken if she is exposed to too much UV rays, which This substance plays a very important role in protecting your baby from the risk of neural tube defects.

How to safely remove hair during pregnancy?

The hormonal changes during pregnancy often make the mother’s body hair areas darker and denser. This makes mothers feel less confident and resorts to waxing to clean these obnoxious hairs.

So can I use hair removal cream when pregnant? Mothers can still use safe hair removal cream for pregnant women or hair removal cream for sensitive skin only on areas that are not scratched and used by the instructions given by the manufacturer.

However, if you want to remove private parts during pregnancy, you should choose safe and limited skin irritations because the skin here is very sensitive, such as using a clean razor or waxing the hair.

Should pregnant women drink primrose oil?

Evening primrose oil is extracted from primrose and contains many important fatty acids that the human body cannot synthesize but can only supplement by eating.

Many mothers who are infertile or expecting to have a baby are also advised to drink this essential oil because it is effective in supporting the successful natural conception process.

Evening primrose oil increases the likelihood of conception for the mother by supporting increased vaginal and cervical mucus to help the father’s sperm live longer and move more easily, increasing the ability to conceive naturally.

Besides, if the mother drinks primrose oil properly, the premenstrual symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, pimples, fatigue, etc. will also be significantly improved.

You can drink primrose oil at any time?

Evening primrose oil is a functional food usually prepared in pill form with different content depending on the manufacturer. Mothers should take about 1,500mg / day after meals or follow doctor’s instructions for the best results.

However, the use of primrose oil is not recommended for pregnant women because there is no accurate research to prove its safety for the health of mothers and babies.

So if mom is taking primrose oil before getting pregnant, she should stop and consult a doctor before continuing to drink in pregnancy.

Should pregnant women tattoo when pregnant?

Having a pregnant tattoo is not a problem that some mothers elected personality disturbed during pregnancy. The reason moms want to tattoo at this stage is often to celebrate the time of pregnancy memorable and happy.

However, doctors and experts recommend that pregnant women should not tattoo during pregnancy because the needles used to tattoo are often very sharp and can cause pregnant mothers to be shocked, even fainting or serious stress. leading to early labor.

Tattoo ink can also adversely affect fetal development.

If I choose henna, is it okay if I have a pregnant tattoo? Although the henna tattoo is a temporary tattoo without using needles, tattoos are created with brush and specialized henna ink, pregnant women should not try because her skin is very sensitive and vulnerable.

Not to mention the composition of some henna inks can also be dangerous for the unborn baby.

Besides the purpose of tattooing to celebrate, many pregnant women also want to use this method to beautify during pregnancy.

Therefore, the issue of pregnant women should go tattooed eyebrows and pregnant women with lip tattoos are not the issue that is most voted by mothers at a reputable beauty salon. And the answer mom received in these cases is not to lip tattoo or eyebrow tattoo during pregnancy.

The reason is that before the tattoo step on the eyebrows and lips, the pregnant mother will be incubated with anesthetic, which negatively affects the fetus and when tattooed, the mother may also face the risk of skin infections. or very uncomfortable pain.

Should pregnant women take a hot bath and sauna?

Pregnant women take hot baths, hot saunas or frequent exposure to heat sources that cause high body temperature can affect the circulation of blood and nutrients to the fetus, even increasing the risk of deformities. congenital in the child.

You can also get dizzy, exhausted, and lower your blood pressure if your body temperature is too high. So it’s best to keep your body cool and limit exposure to high temperatures during pregnancy.

The fact that pregnant women should feel cool should be limited because, in addition to the high temperature, the essential oils from the mother leaves used to cook steam can also be dangerous for children.

If you have lost a sauna because you do not know you are pregnant, you should talk directly with your doctor about the time for steaming so that the doctor can evaluate and follow the mother better to monitor the pregnancy.

So can the pregnant woman get her face out? Many moms want to have a facial for beauty during pregnancy, but they should consider it carefully before doing it because this time their skin is more sensitive than usual and exposure to high temperatures can cause skin redness, irritation. or worse is a little burn.

Nail polish, toenails during pregnancy should pay attention?

Pregnant women are okay? This depends on the type of chemicals and the frequency of the mother’s nail salon. In common nail polishes, there may be some harmful substances to the fetus if the mother is exposed too much during pregnancy.

To be safe, she should use pregnant nail polish and if she wants to remove nail color, she should look for an acetone-free bleaching solution.

But when faced with the question of whether pregnant women should paint their toenails and nails, it’s best not to do this during pregnancy.

Whitening during pregnancy safe?

When pregnant can whitening? Currently, there is no evidence to prove the influence of substances used in the whitening process on the health of pregnant mothers and babies. However, no studies have yet confirmed the safety of these substances.

It’s the same for mothers who are breastfeeding, so if you need to whiten your teeth at the dental clinic, it is best to wait until the baby is born and wean the baby to finish it.

What about whitening strips, can pregnant women use whitening strips at home? The ingredients in whitening strips are similar to the whitening agents used by dentists, so moms should not use them during pregnancy.

Instead, you can try ways to whiten your teeth, such as getting enough calcium from your body, using natural ingredients like salt, honey, lemon, olive oil to brush your teeth, drinking water regularly. and gargle after eating, brushing your teeth at least twice a day, …

Botox injection during pregnancy affect the fetus?

If you are still wondering if botox should be injected during pregnancy, the advice from health experts is “not” for you.

Although the effects of botox on the fetus have not been proven, animal experiments have shown that botox harms the health and development of the offspring

The beauty of a pregnant woman can change a lot due to the effects of hormones and will gradually return to normal after giving birth to a baby.

Therefore, if the mother is beautiful, it is very likely that the results will be different in pregnancy, so experts often advise her to wait until the baby is finished and the amount of hormone stabilizes again to consider. makeup.

Beauty secrets for pregnant mothers

How does pregnancy make pregnant women more beautiful?

Hormones in pregnancy will sometimes make pregnant women beautiful during pregnancy, depending on the individual body characteristics and genetic factors.

She may find that her facial skin is more beautiful during pregnancy because her body is filled with water, so her skin will look shinier than usual, and wrinkles may also be more translucent. An increase in the amount of blood under the skin can also make the mother’s face ruddy and more vibrant than before the pregnancy.

The best way to help pregnant women take care of beauty shared by experienced mothers is to keep their spirits comfortable, confident in their bodies, drink enough water, replenish nutrients, and manage their weight well. during pregnancy.

Makeup tips for pregnant women

If you want to wear makeup, it’s best to use makeup for pregnant women or products that are safe for pregnant women. The mother’s skin is in a very sensitive state, so she should not wear too thick to make the skin more prone to irritation and pimples.

Ideally, moms should also prepare acne cosmetics for pregnant women to deal with the nasty acne spots that can appear at any time during pregnancy.

However, acne cosmetics can cause dry skin, so moms should not use it in a large area but only to use on spots.

One thing that moms should keep in mind is that when choosing makeup for pregnant women, she should rely on her current skin color to choose the appropriate color, rather than hurry to buy the same color as when she was not pregnant because The skin pigment on her face has changed and the pastel color does not help her lift as well as before.

Beauty during pregnancy from natural therapies

How to vote still beautiful sure is always on the wing of many women because when pregnant, you will have to limit your exposure to common chemicals and beauty methods.

And the best way to help pregnant women care about beauty safely and effectively is to use natural remedies. However, some plants still contain medicinal properties that can be harmful to a baby, so you should still find out carefully before applying any therapy.

For example, Mom can make her lotion at home by cooking coconut oil herself. To get a lot of coconut oil, the mother should choose an old coconut, grind the copra, filter the copra with warm water and boil the coconut juice just filtered until the water evaporates and leaves the coconut oil behind. fragrant, transparent, and smooth.

Coconut oil can moisturize the skin very well, you can use it to moisturize the lips, face or whole body, especially the areas prone to stretch marks. Mother can also use coconut oil to warm the hair to help strengthen hair.

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