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Cancer During Pregnancy
American Cancer Society - Pregnancy and Breast Cancer
American Society of Clinical Oncology
Breast Cancer and Pregnancy
Cervical - Cervical Cancer and Pregnancy
Hope for Two - The Pregnant with Cancer Network

Chronic Hypertension and Pregnancy


Fetal Anomalies

Gestational Diabetes
American Diabetes Association - Gestational Diabetes
BD Consumer Healthcare - Gestational Diabetes...What Do I Do Now? (pdf handout)
DLife - Gestation Diabetes: Complications
Family - Gestational Diabetes: What It Means for Me and My Baby (video)
Islets of Hope for Persons With Diabetes - Gestational Diabetes
March of Dimes Pregnancy and Newborn Health Education Center - Gestational
Medline Plus - Gestational Diabetes
Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn

Hypertension During Pregnancy

Later Childbearing
AARP - Resource Guide for Older Parents
ACOG - Later Childbearing (Education Pamphlet)
New England Journal of Medicine - Advanced Maternal Age - How Old Is Too Old?
Plum Blog - Anticipation: A Mother's Journal

Medication Safety During Pregnancy - Keeping Your Medication Safe (General Reference)

Multiple Gestation
American Association of Reproductive Medicine - Multiple Pregnancy and Birth: Twins,
Triplets & Higher Order Multiples (pdf)
eMedicine - Multiple Births - Infertility Treatment and Multiple Gestation Pregnancy
Twin Pregnancy Calendar
Obesity and Pregnancy


Placenta Previa
Baby Center. com - Placenta Previa from WebMD- Placenta Previa Overview
MedlinePlus - Placenta Previa
Placenta Accreta

Placental Abruption - Placental Abruption
eMedicine from WebMD - Polyhydramnios
Gentle - Treatise on Polyhydramnios
MedlinePlus (NIH) - Polyhydramnios
Pregnancy Today - Polyhydramnios: When You Have Too Much Amniotic Fluid

Preeclampsia Foundation: About Preeclampsia

Preexisting Diabetes and Pregnancy

Pregnancy Complications Overview
YouTube- Pregnancy Complications (multimedia)

Psychiatric Diseases During Pregnancy

Sickle Cell Disease

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction


Thyroid Dysfunction During Pregnancy

Vasa Previa

MaternaCare 101 Blog
Abnormalities of Maternal Thyroid Function During Pregnancy Affect Neuropsychological
Development of Their Children at 25-30 Months (12/22 /09)
Treating Depression During Pregnancy (11/23/09)
Maternal Mortality - A Global Issue (2/26/09)
Maternal Exposure to Folic Acid Antagonists During Pregnancy and the Months Prior to
Pregnancy May Cause Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes (1/3/09)
What It's Like for Pregnant Women To Be Hospitalized with High Blood Pressure
Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes? (10/30/08)
Antidepressants During Pregnancy (1/11/08)