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International Childbirth Education Association
DONA International - Find a Doula
OB - The Role of an OB Laborist in Patient Care
Midwives (NCM, Professional, Lay)
American College of Nurse Midwives - Find a Midwife
Citizens for Midwifery - Midwives in U.S.: Direct-Entry, Certified Professional,and
Certified Nurse Midwifes
ACOG - Making Obstetrics and Maternity Safer 2011
Birth Centers
American Association of Birth Centers
Find a Birth Center

Birth Plans - Interactive Birth Plan
Lamaze International Publication - Evolution of the Birth Plan

Childbirth Classes
Bradley - The Bradley Method of Husband Directed Childbirth
International Childbirth Education Association - Find a Childbirth Educator
March of Dimes - Get Ready for Labor
Milwaukee Care Connection - Pregnancy, Childbirth and Parenting Education
Well-Rounded Maternity Center - Well-Rounded Childbirth Preparation Classes
Lamaze International

Childbirth Complications, Potential
Failure to Progress in Labor - Failure to Progress Explained
Family Practice
Maternal Exhaustion
eHow - How to Deal With Maternal Exhaustion During Labor
NIH - Maternal Exhaustion As Nn Obstetric Complication: Implications of TBA Training
Maternal Hemorrhage
Emedicine Medscape - Postpartum Hemorrhage
Postpartum Hemorrhage
Wikipedia - Obstetrical Hemorrhage
Non-reassuring Fetal Monitoring
ACOG - Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring During Labor (Patient Education Handout)
NIH reviews in Obstetrics and Gynecology - the Importance of Speaking a Common
Language When Describing Electronic Fetal Monitoring
Shoulder Dystocia
American Family Physician - Shoulder Dystocia (Review)
AWHONN - Shoulder Dystocia: Nursing Risk Management and Risk Prevention
Strategies (PowerPoint)
Shoulder Dystocia - What Is It?
Shoulder Dystocia - Resource Page
Uterine Rupture
eMedicine - Uterine Rupture in Labor - What Is Uterine Rupture and How Often Does It Occur?

Childbirth Procedures
Cesarean Delivery
Adhesions and C-Section
American College of Surgeons - About Cesarean Childbirth
American Pregnancy Association - Cesarean Section - The Cesarean Section FAQ
International Cesarean Awareness Network
Episiotomy - Episiotomy
Operational Medicine - The Making of an Episiotomy (Multi-media)
Wikipedia - Episiotomy
Fetal Heart Monitoring
ACOG Fetal hart Rate Monitoring During Labor - Patient Education Pamphlet
American Family Physician - Interpretation of the electronic Fetal Heart Rate during
Labor - Fetal Monitoring FAQ
Fetal Scalp Sampling
MedlinePlus (NIH) - Fetal pH Scalp Sampling
Forceps Delivery
Baby - Assisted Baby Delivery (Multi-media) eMedicine - Forceps
Pregnancy Today - A Forceps Delivery
Induction of Labor
ACOG - Labor Induction (Patient Education Pamphlet)
International Cesarean Awareness Network - Induction of Labor
Mayo Clinic - Labor Induction
Perineal Laceration Repair
Operational Medicine - Episiotomy Repair (Graphic Multi-media)
Vacuum Delivery
Baby - Assisted Baby Delivery (Multi-media)
Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory - Preventing Maternal and Neonatal Harm during
Vacuum-Assisted Vaginal Deliveries

Home Birth
ACOG - Opinion Offered on Planned Home Birth
American Pregnancy Association - Home Birth
Midwifery Today - The Homebirth Choice

Labor & Delivery
ACOG Education Pamphlets - OB and Gyn
eMed TV Video - Childbirth (Multi-media)
iVillage - Labor and Delivery
March of Dimes - Labor & Delivery
National Anemia Action Council - Anemia and Childbirth
WebMD - Labor and Delivery
What to Expect - Labor and Delivery

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
ACOG Educational Pamphlet - Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery
ACOG Practice Bulletin #5 - VBAC FAQ
ICAN - Critique of ACOG Practice Bulletin #5
International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN): VBAC - A Woman-centered, Evidence-based Resource

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