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"You were born with infinite potential. Believe it. Embrace it. Share it." - Dr. Paykel
Bioidenticals: Are They Safe?

Menopausal women and their doctors are
reporting good results with bioidentical
hormones, but use of these plant-based
substances is unregulated, leaving some
experts worried..
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Dr. Paykel embraces the information age and the new perspective it has brought to wellness.  Many women want to rightfully take
charge of their own health.  However, so much information is now available on the internet and in print that it is difficult to determine
where the best information resides and what content to trust.  Understanding this dilemma, Dr. Paykel has constructed this website to
assist women in finding reliable medical information.

Disclaimer:  The information contained in this website is presented for reference purposes only and not meant for diagnosis or
treatment of any disease process. Consult with your health care provider for additional information and safety concerns.
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Why the Website?
Using a river as a
metaphor for one's
spiritual flow in life, with
boulders as the
obstacles we face,
river rapids as the
difficult times and
evolution, and dam as
the ego, Dr. Jacquelyn
Marie Paykel takes you
on a journey of
personal discovery, explaining how your obstacles are
lessons that can propel you forward, how to really
care for your vessel, and how your ego obstructs your
naturally divine flow.  This journey will ultimately end
with a gentle emergence into the joy of living your life
in flow. Listen to the podcast
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